Administration of High-Volume Enema Using a Foley Catheter

In this training video, a gastroenterology nurse at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia demonstrates how to give a high-volume enema to your child using a Foley catheter.

Start by gathering your supplies — an enema bag, connection device, Foley catheter with balloon, 10 ml luer-locking syringe, lubricating jelly and a tape measure. Have your child lay on his left side and in the bathroom, if possible.

Now test your supplies, ensuring the balloon will inflate as needed, and measuring the Foley catheter to 4 inches to ensure proper placement in your child. Once the enema bag is connected to the Foley catheter, close the clamp, then add the amount of saline that your child’s clinician directed.

Next, lubricate the tip of the Foley catheter. Insert it into your child’s rectum in a twisting motion to minimize discomfort. Once the catheter is inserted to the 4-inch mark, inflate the balloon with air, then allow the infusion solution to flow into your child.

The balloon acts as a plug during the infusion. Once your child’s body has absorbed the solution, wait another 10 minutes, then deflate the balloon, remove the catheter from his rectum and have your child sit on the toilet for 30-45 minutes until the colon is cleaned out.

Enemas are not painful, but they can be uncomfortable and cause some abdominal cramping.

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