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Chattanooga, February 3, 2011– For men and women struggling with frown lines that make them look older, Botox injections are an excellent solution, according to Dr. James White of Advanced Surgical Concepts in Chattanooga, TN.

A board certified surgeon with years of experience, Dr. White explains that Botox is a neuromodulator. In a face that has not had Botox injections, nerve impulses are constantly being transmitted into the muscles of expression. When a neuromodulator like Botox is injected, however, what happens is the neuromodulator stops the nerves from transmitting information to the muscles. That, in turn, makes the muscles weak.

Dr. White explains that he uses this to his advantage when working on the faces of both his male and female patients in Chattanooga. With Botox, he can make the muscles weak anywhere the patient does not want wrinkles. Additionally, he can also make the muscles weak in any place where the competitor muscles are actually pulling the skin away. That makes for a very visually pleasing effect.

For example, one place where Dr. White frequently injects Botox is in the area where the “11 lines” are, in the centers of the brows. Because he has been doing Botox injections for years, he is skilled enough to be able to make the muscles weaker near the center of the brows while still allowing the muscles further out on the eyebrows to remain active. Doing this type of Botox injection gives the face a more aesthetically pleasing look without making it look “frozen.”

When it comes to choosing a cosmetic surgeon for Botox injections, Dr. White recommends sticking with practitioners who have plenty of experience. He says that attention to detail is especially important in his profession, and that he always takes before and after photos of patients so that they can see just how dramatic their results really are.

In addition to the before and after photos, Dr. White also sets his practice apart from others by offering to bring all of his Botox patients back in three weeks after their injections for an assessment as to how the treatment helped. If need be, he may also do additional Botox injections at this time.

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon to perform Botox injections is like a choosing an artist to paint a portrait, says Dr. White. Although it may be cheaper to get an artist who uses a paint by numbers kit, the resulting product is not going to be nearly as good as if a professional portrait artist had been commissioned for the job. Finding a cosmetic surgeon who has a combination of artistic skills, technical knowledge, and experience with Botox and other forms of cosmetic enhancements is essential for any patient looking for the best results when getting Botox injections.

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